Goblin Prince’s supernatural Baroque Pop feels like being led through a shadowy dream. Tragic and playful, the Spanish singer/songwriter blends medieval imagery, floral strings and 80s fantasy movie synthpop as they draw on their experiences as a queer youth, candidly exploring shame, identity and alienation. Influenced by a wide range of artists such as Regina Spektor, Lewis Carroll, The Knife and Kate Bush, Goblin Prince is ready to establish their own genre-bending pop kingdom.

The vision wasn’t always this clear, though. Mario Llana needed a drunken fall down the stairs and a lost tooth to receive the wake-up call he needed. Resolving to end a cycle of avoidance, they left the US for Berlin in 2015 to pursue music. Alone in the new city, their musical endeavours turned into a reflection of their own rootlessness. “I felt like a lamb in a wolf pack”, they explain of their first year in Berlin. “But in losing my confidence I became aware of complexes and limiting beliefs I’ve had since I was a child. It feels like a second coming-of-age and I think that feeling’s bleeding into the songs. I still have a lot of exorcising to do!”

Nose-deep in Ableton, Llana began reformatting his anxieties into home recordings and in 2017 teamed up with Israeli producer Oded K.dar, with whom they’re finishing Goblin Prince’s debut EP, out later in 2019.